Micro Blogs

The Small Things

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Weddings are great
but have you ever sat with your husband on the back porch swing?

Dedications are sweet
but have you ever prayed over your baby in a quiet nursery?

Church is amazing
but have you ever felt the spirit while you’re singing in the car?

Date nights are fun
but have you ever eaten leftovers while sitting together on your couch at home?

The weekends are awesome
but have you ever drank fresh coffee by a window on a quiet Tuesday morning?

Big games are fulfilling
but have you ever seen your kid learn something new at practice?

Girls’ trips are fantastic
but has your friend ever shown up at your door in the midst of chaos, in perfect timing?

Holidays are the best
but have you ever given a gift for no reason?

Vacations are the sweetest
but have you ever stayed right where you are and soaked in what God gave you?

Don’t miss out waiting on the next big thing,

the perfect occasion, the right day.

The big things are big

but the small things are too.




An I-Love-My-Kids Kinda Mom

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I’m not a paint-by-number kinda mom.
I’m more of a here’s-a-blank-canvas-paint-what-you-want kinda mom.

I’m not a chore chart kinda mom. I’m a help-me-with-this-right-now kinda mom.

I’m not a 7:30-bedtime kinda mom. I’m an oh-crap-it’s-already-9 kinda mom.

I’m not a clothes-packed-the-night-before kinda mom. I’m a what-do-you-want-to-wear-today kinda mom.

I’m not much of a stick-to-the-vacation-plan kinda mom; I’m more of a last-minute-trip-to-the-beach kinda mom.

I’m a stay-outside-after-dark kinda mom.

I’m a drink-out-of-the-hose-and-eat-at-the-picnic-table kinda mom.

I’m an as-long-as-you-go-to-sleep-I-don’t-care-where kinda mom.

But whether you’re a routine mom or a spontaneous mom,

whether you’re a straight-from-the-bottle mom or straight-from-the-boob mom,

whether you’re a homemade mom or a store-bought mom,

whether you’re a schedule mom or a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants mom or an in-between mom,

the best part of it all is that

as long as you’re an I-love-my-kids kinda mom,

then you’re a good mom.



Makeup, It’s Not Me, It’s You

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Makeup, it’s not me, it’s you.

Straightener, I’m just not into you anymore.

Curling iron, I love you…I’m just not IN love with you.

Hairspray, we’re just too far gone. I can’t even.

I can’t do this with any of you every day.
I think we should just be friends. I mean, we can still hang out every now and then?

You see, I’m TIRED of being held back, and honestly, I have all of these new relationships now.

Relationships that already consume my every minute of every day…these living, breathing, crying, screaming prior engagements that already make me late to everything.

It’s not that you’re the bad guy. You’re actually really fun and super talented,

but I remember a time when I thought I NEEDED you. I couldn’t go anywhere without you. It was an unhealthy dependency, really.

You see, I’m better without your constant neediness.

“You look great but…”

have you heard about fake lashes? Everyone’s doing it.

can you contour?

Oh, and since the foundation/powder/blush/eyeliner/eyeshadow/mascara/lipstick/brush/straighten/curl routine wasn’t enough, now you need to worry about your eyebrows, too!

Don’t forget to prime it and set it.

Before you apply any heat to your hair, spray it to protect it.

I’m just kinda over it.

I know we LOOK good together. We uphold a nice appearance, don’t we?

But I’m not even sorry anymore when you lose to a battle against more sleep.

Maybe we could just be a weekend thing?

Because the funny thing is—the more time we spend apart, the more confident I find myself being.

And the confidence thing?

It’s not you,

it’s me.


Mary, Did You Know?

mary did you know photo

Mary, did you know?

Did you know when you were rocking a baby, it would end up this way?

Did you know that your baby boy’s time on Earth would be taken away?

Mary, I know that scripture says you grieved near the cross.

Did you know you’d have to witness it?

Every Easter, my heart mourns for God who gave his only Son,

but Mary, as I sit here rocking my precious babe,

I’m blown away by YOUR sacrifice.

Mary, did you know you’d have to give up this time, give up your child

so that you could pave the way for mamas who’d later say goodbye to theirs?

Did you know that one day,

the very thing that caused you the most pain would later bring them peace,

knowing their babies would be with your Jesus.

Every Christmas, I wonder if you knew the magnitude of carrying the Son of God,

but Mary, this Easter, I wonder if you knew what you’d go through.

Scripture tells me you felt the change coming, but I wonder if you knew the depths of your offering.

In my heart, I know you’d do it all again.

Mary, did you know your pain would be met with promise just days later,

with news of your Son, who has risen?

As I rock my child to sleep tonight, I can’t fathom the feeling of both grief and relief you took on.

I can’t fathom the pain or the outcry.

Mary, did you know

how your sacrifice would save this little babe and this mama heart—

how your sacrifice would save all of us?